His Love For Us

The Illustration

While driving to work one day, I saw an adorable puppy in the median.  Traffic was pretty solid and I couldn’t make it to the side of the road. So I called animal control to come save him. All day long I was curious about what had happened to that cute puppy stranded in the median of one of the busiest highways in the city. Throughout the day, I called animal control to get status reports, but, apparently in a city of millions, a puppy in the median just wasn’t their priority. So, as I drove home, I kept a keen eye in the area I had seen him some nine hours earlier, but I saw nothing.

And then – out of nowhere – a little head popped up out of the tall grass. It was him! I pulled over immediately and pulled a towel from the back of my car in case he was wet or muddy. As I proceeded to walk towards him, he ran like no other. Thankfully, the concrete barriers kept him from running into traffic, because he did not want to be caught.

At that point, he would rather die in that median than be saved. I didn’t give up, and neither did he until our eyes caught. Then something happened – as though his will broke. His eyes softened, his ears relaxed and drooped down, and he simply laid down in the grass. I went and picked him up, put him in my car, and took him home. He had a broken hip and was pretty badly malnourished. But it seemed that he knew he no longer had to bear the weight of survival all on his own.

Steve here, and before I met Christ, although my life seemed pretty good to those around me, I was much like the puppy: lost, stranded, hurt, and broken. That being said, I still didn’t want to be helped. I, like the puppy, ran from my Savior as hard as I could. Although He knew exactly where I was and He was fully capable of helping me, He simply wouldn’t risk further trauma from my attempted escapes. It wasn’t until I saw His face; locked eyes with Him, surrendered to Him, that I truly understood how wonderful He is. By trusting Him to take me, nurture and heal me, and save me from the treacherous place I was in, I was no longer lost in my wilderness.

It was at that moment when I gave Him my all, that I became NOW FOUND.

Our Savior, the Messiah, Jesus Christ, the One who came to die in our place as a penalty for our sins, also loves us enough to come find us in the midst of our sinning. He choses to meet us where ever we are, to help us understand the freedom God designed, desires, and provides.

Now Found is all about helping others see that they too, through Jesus, can be found.

You are never too lost to be found!

So what’s next?

So often after becoming found by our creator we feel that we have to start doing better. We feel we have to start stopping all of the things that separated us from Him in the first place, and while that will likely happen, we have found the most important part is to get plugged in with a church or organization that will help you hear who our Creator wants you to be, which will then determine what you do.

How Can We Help?

It would be our honor to walk beside you as you strengthen your relationship with the messiah. Please let us know how we can equip, encourage, and help you engage with your Savior.