Imagine what your life would be like if you knew exactly who God designed you to be!

Courtney Cohen tried for years to find herself through her performance and the opinions of others. When she finally came to the end of herself, the girl who simply professed a belief in Jesus Christ learned what it meant to live a life defined by Him.

A frequent speaker on identity, freedom, intentional living, and intimacy with God, Courtney relates through personal stories and testimonies founded firmly on the Word of God. Consider her speaking topics or invite her to prepare a unique teaching for your event.

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Courtney Cohen is the author of multiple resources, including:

  • COMING SOON!!! The Sacred Shadow | To every physical aspect of creation, there is a spiritual counterpart. Enter into the mystery of God’s kingdom today!
  • Refining Identity | Discover what God’s Word says about who He is and who He has designed you to be. Say for yourself, “I am who I AM says I am!”
  • Chronic Healing | Realize the hope and healing God has for you, even in the midst of difficult or devastating circumstances.
  • The inTentional Mama | Learn ten ways to strengthen bonds with your child and stay sane yourself along the way. You’ll be inspired to step into the beautiful, messy, precious reality that is mama-hood.
  • Finding Faith that Overcomes | In this seven-day devotional, look through the eyes of seven people – individuals who faced incredible odds, lived imperfectly, yet trusted in a perfect God.

Connect with Courtney through her blog, Vimeo channelTwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn. God bless!