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For me it all started with a single, seemingly random question, “Do you have a blog?  Because if you did, I would read it.”

A sweet friend asked me in passing one day and I’m sure she had no idea the seed she planted.  I was tempted to simply take her question as the wonderful compliment that it was.  But the way that thought kept niggling at my heart, I had a sense there was more to all this.  In that moment this paper-loving, technologically-limited mama felt a shift of perspective…a door opening to new possibilities.

Then, another friend mentioned weeks later that she was on the organizational team for a blogging conference.  Hmmm…It’s like God was trying to get a message through to me.

When my hubby got all excited and supportive, brainstorming possible names and topics for this non-existent blog, I had my confirmation.  See, I’d been writing for years…about a decade or so. But it was all hidden away in journals and computer files, tucked away from public viewing.  But with the simple vocalizations of a few around me, a dream that I’d kept quiet from most…to be a writer…burst wide open.  And I knew…

So, on a rainy day the week before this conference, my technologically savvy hubby sat with me and got a blog officially online.  It was such a sweet and most definitely the geekiest date we’d ever had! (And, a fabulous birthday present to me…yay for the big 3-0!)

This conference, then called Mamas Write, refreshed my soul, opened doors to scores of other like-minded, female writers and challenged me to step out of the shadows.  Each of us approach blogging a bit differently: the DIY-ers, the mom-bloggers, the inspirers, the challengers, the humorous, the deeply profound and so on.  But beneath the layers of the beautiful unique, we were all founded on one principle: to make Christ known…to use this platform of blogging to minister to others.  The methods vary, but the ministry remains.

This August, I am SO excited to return to this conference, now called the Declare Conference, with a little bit more experience under my belt.  I’m ready to see these ladies I’ve kept up with on Facebook or followed along on their blogs.  I’m ready to be refreshed and renewed!

And, if you are a female writer, whether you have an established blog or you remain in the shadows, I’d love to invite you to come this year!  You will not walk away empty…You will be filled with vision, direction, tools and quite likely some pretty nice swag to take home!  I hope to see you there!


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