Tompkins Sq. Park

Fallen leaves embrace dark corners outside the ground floor.
Pushed aside, off the trail; product of a few, fenced trees.
They are left to be forgotten amidst a concrete and civilized world
Until carried away by the promised rain.
Layers of dust removed; purity replaces former adulteration
Penetrating even the most shadowed spaces,
As living waters scatter all dead.
Solace remains, leaving only the stillness grey.

She recalls her forgone, hurried days,
Bearing burdens too heavy,
With corners of life un-swept,
At last halted in the foothills of dark soil,
Crisp air, with Flatirons in view.
Then, inviting her coming rain and sanctification.
In thoughtful retrospection of once swaying days
She mourns years lost for ignorance of the stillness grey.

Unaware of acute observation,
They hurry to go slow.
Willing captives behind the glass, noosed with neckties,
Bear minds bent on capital gain and vocational pursuits.
In attempted control of a concrete world
They assure accuracy and diligence in the void.
Lost in the deception of formula;
Blind to the stillness grey.

She dwells in the rain;
Her silent grey retreat of flowing tranquility.
Sodden, she gazes through concrete and glass.
Hand held out now, turning in the rain.
Cupping and releasing droplets.
She watches the rushing onslaught
Behind the glass where droplets stop.
She then breathes the stillness grey.


I wrote this poem in a college poetry class, where I learned that I LOVE to write poetry. It’s been ten years since I put this piece to paper, but this message behind a young woman discovering her identity, no longer defined by her past, is still vibrant and living in my heart! My prayer for you today is that you will set aside what compartment your past may try to stuff you in, and instead look to Jesus, in the stillness listen for Him to give you the definition of who you are to Him!

I’ve just finished writing a book called Refining Identity, a Bible study that takes a look at what DOES and what DOES NOT define us. I’m in the process of having this resource published and I want to invite you to partner with me to see this book come to life! Please visit HERE for more information on this book that is my heart’s message and how you can be involved! God bless!

(And, for those of you who are scratching your heads wondering…the Flatirons are a section of the Rocky Mountains overlooking Boulder, CO.  I spent a few years in the Denver area and had one particularly life-changing moment, meeting with God in the stillness on those foothills.)

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  1. Haha — i am really glad that you added the clarifying remark about the “flat irons” … 🙂

    I LOVE this poem – I used to write poetry a LOT when I was a teenager and early adult. The cathartic properties were healing to me. But when I became a Christian, I didn’t have so much angst, and I lost my poetic voice a bit.

    This is lovely!!

    1. Thank you so much Meredith! Poetry seems to me so much more personal…and a bit more difficult to put out there. I appreciate your sweet words! Perhaps someday your poetic voice, sans angst, will return. =)