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Today’s post is by Summer Hoover, a guest contributor and dear friend, full of wisdom.  This particular poem has touched me deeply and challenged me to closely examine what I may be holding onto that needs to be released to God.  I know it will bless you today!  


After a lifetime of living in neutrality,

The King took control.

Suddenly she was asked to take her steps in faith.

He asked her to give Him everything.

“Have faith in me, my child.

I will fulfill your every need,

Just have faith in me.”


“I will, my King.

I will. I’ll give you everything.

I’ll give you my work,

My mind,

My will,

But I’m sorry…I can’t give you this.

You see, this is something

That has protected me.

It has shielded my heart from hurt and despair.

So let me keep just this one thing.”


“I’m sorry, my child,” her King said through tears,

“I’m afraid I can’t let you keep that.

I know it has protected you,

But that was in the past.

I know it has kept you safe

But that safety will never last.”


“Oh, but it will,” she persisted,

“I promise it will.

It won’t interfere with your plans.

You won’t even notice I still have it.

Once you provide me with the one thing I long for,

This thing will simply disappear.

I promise I will let it go.

I just can’t do that right now.”


“My darling, you must.

Please, try to understand.

The one thing you long for

I desire to give you.

But you cannot wrap your arms around love,

If you’re holding on to this too.

Please give it to me and I promise

I will guard you.”


“But, how can I, Father?” she questioned

As her eyes filled with tears,

“I’ve lived with it for so long,

I’m afraid I will feel so incomplete.

How can you ask me to give this up

And lay it at your feet?”


“I ask you because I know

All that the future will bring.

And this one burden

Will only keep you from my blessings.”


“But, I’m so afraid, Father.

I’m so afraid,”

She cried, quietly, barely able to speak.


“Do not be afraid.

I am with you,”

He whispered as He kissed her cheek.


With one long and deep breath,

She slowly looked down at her hands

That for so long had been clinched.

Her body trembled

And her chin quivered,

While tears rolled down her face.


Her Father and King

Wrapped his arms around her quivering body

“It’s okay, my precious child,

It’s okay.

I know you are afraid,

But have faith in me.

Surrender all and enter my safety.”


He lifted her chin

And looked deeply into her eyes.

“I love you,” He said softly,

“I love you more than you will ever know.

Please understand

You must let this go.”


Slowly she stretched out her arms

And looked down at her hands

And one by one lifted the fingers

That had held onto the past.


With a trembling voice and a hopeful heart, she said,

“Father, please take it.

I don’t want to hide anymore.”


“Thank you, my child,

Thank you for your faith.

I will take this far from here

For it is no longer your concern.”


And with the lightest touch,

Her King removed the past

And placed it with the other burdens

Of the life she had left.


A sigh of relief came over her

One like she had never known before.


“What is this that I am feeling, Father?”

She asked Him with wonder in her eyes.


“That, my precious, is new life.

It is the freedom that comes

From depending on me.

It is the hope you encounter

When you see what I see.”


“Why have I never felt this before?”


“Because you gave me your works.

You gave me your mind.

You gave me your will,

But you left one thing behind.

But, now you are a new creation

For you have given everything.

Now you live by faith, not by fear.

And, you see the world as a new place

When you

Surrender all to me.”


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Summer Hoover is proud to be a military wife to her wonderful and supportive husband, Jason.  They have two beautiful children who have inspired her to pursue her passion for discovering beauty in unexpected places as a natural light portrait photographer.  Whether she is home-schooling her children, speaking, writing or simply having coffee with a friend, passion for living fully in that moment best defines her style and rule of life.



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    1. Thanks so much for your comment, Patti! I love poetry too and something about the simplicity and honesty of this one has continued to challenge me, even though it’s been years since she first wrote, and I first read it!