Carnival blurry ride

Her hands push against the bar, feeling it give way, counting her arrival.  Her gaze shifts upward and the options blur together in a haze of rushed movement, beckoning her to hop on and, at the same time, warning her to keep a distance.  She’d been so excited to arrive, to pull in the parking lot.  But now that she’s here, it’s a little too much to take in.  Her mind whirls in succession with the Spin Out just feet away. Where to go first?

Her feet wander while her eyes take in the options…the twirling, twisting, upside-down, hurried options.  All around she hears the laughter, the screams…but certainly no silence to give her mind reprieve.  The sweet smell of funnel cake wafts in her direction.  She’s just arrived, but maybe she can stop to think while she indulges in the sugary distraction.

With sticky fingers, appropriately doused in grease and powdered sugar, she turns her head left, then right.  And she sees it…the one!

From her vantage point, she sees the ups and downs the coaster’s cars make.  It looks thrilling! She sees hands lifted…hears happy screams – or were those full of terror?  Never mind that.  She’s sure, for her, it will be amazing…the ride of a lifetime!

Tossing her garbage in the nearest container and slapping some of the sugar from her hands, she moves forward.  The day has finally, truly begun.


We’ve all heard “life’s a ride!”  And, it is…at least some of the time.  But the rest of the time is full of making choices, preparing and lots of waiting.  And, with the distractions at nearly every turn, it’s easy to spend a lifetime visiting the souvenir shops and chowing down on the funnel cake without ever venturing out on a ride.  

This is the first of the “It’s a Roller-Coaster Life” series.  Where are you on your ride?  Are you trying to figure out where to go next in life?  Are you in the line waiting?  Are you in the middle of the ride, in all its craziness?  Or has a ride just ended and you’re back to the beginning, trying to determine what comes now?

Whichever point you’re at, you are not alone.  God is with you…walking with you, pointing you in the right direction to the ride He’s designed just for you…if you’ll just stop and hear Him out.  Where is He leading you?  

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