I don’t know about you, but I for one have walked (several times, in fact) down a road of wondering who I am…who I’m supposed to be.  I’ve tried to answer that question myself many times, with each instance leaving me feeling like I’ve failed. Again.

I’ve tried to define myself by the “hats” I wear…and by others’ expectations…and by my strengths…and by my weaknesses…and any number of things that this society suggests define identity.

But, when I stopped…and asked God who He said I was, I stopped walking in circles and began to actually walk on the path of my destiny.  He began to reveal to me His perfect design and steps I can take as I trust Him.

During this process, He also gave me a heart for discovering identity in Christ alone and sharing that with others…to see people set free from incorrect definitions.  If there is anything that we need to properly have defined, it is our true identity.  It shapes our decisions in every way.  We MUST know!

God, in His amazingly gracious way, gave me a message to go along with this passion…and that message has turned into a book which is called Refining Identity.

Refining Identity is now published after nine years of waiting and working and writing and waiting some more.  I am beyond thrilled to see my heart’s message, this passion of mine expand beyond the confines of my computer’s file folders!

To celebrate the Refining Identity Launch, jump over to my Facebook page on November 26 between 10am and 10pm.  You won’t want to miss the GIVEAWAYS and special promotions happening all. day. long!  I look forward to seeing you there!


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