I am the Autumn

The leaves, some red, some gold

Others fallen and brown

Those reminiscent of times gone

Lessons learned

And fruit grown from a life well-lived

Now for others to glean, to be nourished

The wind blows and scatters what I’ve grown,

No longer to my benefit, but to nameless others

I do not fear the winter, although the cold will catch me bare

I see my Autumn leads into another’s Spring


I am Winter, often feared, occasionally not

By those rare few who have walked the narrow path

The cold air invites others to slow, to pause, to stop in the usual turmoil

They appreciate the warmth like never before, curled in blankets

The grey-blue sky is seen through my stripped branches

I don’t hide behind the colors, the distraction, the beauty

I am bare and seen, crisp

My bleakness is merely testament to a new thing

Soon to arrive


I am Spring, new and fresh and full of naïveté

My leaves are brilliant green, my buds bright and full

The cool winds dwindle more each day

And each moment I long more for the warmth

Of the next

With vigor and passion I look forward

No need to look back, I press on

Nourishing rains, a warm sun all propel me

Towards destiny


I am Summer, zealous with bone-deep warmth

Leaves still green, though less lush

And buds fainting, yet I move, move

Even in the stillness of overwhelming heat

And stale atmosphere,

I soak in the sun,

No in-betweens here…

I am sapped of strength in the hot rays

But I cannot be stopped in my season.

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