Day 312 G+ 365 Project: 7 November 2012 Morning Invitation

We’ve all felt it…in one way or another…that feeling of being unwanted.  Of being denied our own value…our own personhood.  When another person’s opinion of us defined our worth.

Picked last for the team…

Shunned from the established clique…

Forgotten on a birthday…

But what about those whose very being, their very self is denied?

The child about to age out of foster care because no family wants them enough to be a forever home.

The spouse cheated on and abandoned through divorce.

The baby considered not even “human”, chopped and vacuumed for the sake of “choice”, obviously not theirs.

The elderly sitting lonely surrounded by white walls, without visitors, forgotten.

We only have our personhood because of the “wanting” of another.  This…this is true.  But, we’ve lost sight of who “another” is.  It’s not merely another human.  He’s much more than that.  His love is so deep and so profound that He reached across hopelessness and despair to find you.  His “wanting” never lacks, never fails.  In fact, your heart only beats because He wants you in His family, forever.

He picks you first.  His arms are open, welcoming.  He remembers your birthday every time because He set it on the calendar in the first place.  He is your forever family.  He is your faithful spouse.  He treasures and receives every child as His own.  He sees the wise sitting in halls and dances over them in love.  He invites…always invites.

“In this the love of God was made manifest among us, that God sent his only Son into the world, so that we might live through him.” 1 John 4:9

Who you are matters.  Even if the entire world rejects you, there is One who never will.  He didn’t come to set us straight and make us into perfectly behaving little robots.  He came to take our death and replace it with His life.  He came to be the Source we can always trust in, which will never run out, Who will never fail.

He loves you.  He loves YOU.  That is all.  That is all that matters.  That is all that lasts.


refining identity cover no grad
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  1. Why is it that we are so quick, as humans to reject the ones who love us and or need love the most. We are unafraid of hurting them, but confounded and lost when someone does it to us. What lie have we believed that our dislike for someone makes it ok to reject them? What lie have we believed about that person that keeps us from seeing who they really are? What lie has that person believed that keeps them from being who they realky are?

    Seek first the kingdom…..