Well, hello! This little corner of space has been on my heart often over the past few months, though it’s been unusually quiet here. I’ve been on a hiatus, so to speak.

Hiatus a pause or gap in a series, sequence, or process.

That’s what these past several months have been for me here in this space – a pause…a gap…ironically, taking place immediately after attending an amazing and inspirational blogging conference. I’ve felt a pressure, a sense of failure that I’m not doing this blog its justice, not fulfilling the duty I’ve established here for myself.

Apparently, I’ve believed the lie that a pause is a bad thing.

That coming back when I’m ready, when windows of time have reopened, is somehow hypocritical. Or, that I shouldn’t dare to return until every duck has realigned in its row.

As though life is a formula to be discovered and pacified ceaselessly.

In my most recent posts from July (truly only five months ago, though it seems like an eon), I wrote a series on priorities. How fitting, in fact, rather than failing, it is that my hiatus came just afterwards!

What’s been happening? Oh, nothing much…(wink)

  • A fabulous family vacation (much-needed fun & rest!)
  • Prepping for and teaching a class on identity (my heart’s passion!)
  • Upending and implementing new curricula in our school days (tending to 2 of my greatest blessings!)
  • Completing my latest book manuscript and looking towards publication in the spring (unspeakable excitement!)
  • Taking on speaking engagements for this fall and in upcoming months (incredible privilege!)

Nothing at all really…just the blessings and fullness of this season of life. Trying to live out, even quietly, those priorities I declared out loud. Hiatus – a pause, a gap – can be a blessing, rather than a declaration of failure. It’s a matter of perspective.

Littering the psalms is this word holding a wealth of mystery – selah. There is no shortage of opinions on the true, singular meaning of this word: praise or lift up, weigh in the balances, pause and think calmly, take a breath. But put together, this word has become a reminder to me while reading the Word, and also while living life, to pause, breathe, and praise rather than hurry towards the next thing.

Rest and realize His presence instead of race and rush right past Him. Selah…selah.

His presence or the world’s pressure? The feeling of failure in a hiatus or the feeling of filling in selah? Which will I choose? Which will you choose?

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