Imagine standing in an endless field – boxes of every color conceivable lie scattered at your feet, extending as far as you can see. Yet, you’re looking for the yellow gift boxes – those elusive ones that always meet your expectations. Whenever you’ve opened a yellow box before, you discovered the exact gift you’d hoped for. But those yellow boxes are few and far between.

You scoot past the red, blue, green, and orange boxes. Rolling hills are covered with purple, teal, and gray boxes. You nudge away the mundane brown ones with a push of your toe. Sometimes you trip over edgy, black boxes, hoping that a corner of yellow will soon catch your eye.

Only the yellow boxes seem worthy of opening; only they gain your attention…

I wonder how many times I’ve ignored the gifts of God simply because they didn’t meet my expectations…Continue Reading…



(This post first appeared on the Gateway Church’s Pink blog.)

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