Rain Circles

Are you stuck in a cycle of wondering if you are in God’s will…asking “What is my purpose?”…”What does God want me to do?” God is everywhere and can be in every situation. So, instead of sitting in this stuck place, hoping, wondering, unsure…let’s stop and take a look at a few places where God is already working and how we can join Him.

Me…God created me and He is highly vested in His creation. So, before I try to go “out there”, I need to ask God what He is doing and what He wants to do in me! What is He trying to teach me? Where is He leading me? How can I trust Him more? This place of opening myself up to Him is something I can always come back to. He will only work through me and in me as much as I am willing to allow Him.

And, if you’re married, the next place to look is what God wants to do in your marriage and in your spouse. How can God work through me to bless my husband? How can I encourage and trust my hubby more? Not only did God create something new when He created your spouse, but He created something new the day we committed our lives to each other…the day we became one.

Do you have children? If so, they are gifts from God…whether they’re throwing a temper tantrum or coloring you a beautiful picture, they are precious! How am I partnering with God to guide them? How am I showing them love? What can I do to show them who God is?

Do you see the ripple effect happening? God invites us to join with Him, to partner with Him in His work that’s already in progress…starting with ourselves and moving outwards.

Each ripple, just like a single drop into a pool of water, affects the next…outwards to family, friends, co-workers, strangers and eternally onward! When we partner with God He multiplies our efforts!

How can you join His work today?


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