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How Are We Limiting God?


In your life, is there anything you’ve told God to leave alone? Something that you know you could “never” do? WATCH VIDEO HERE… A couple of years ago, many things were up in the air in life. So many circumstances we didn’t know the outcome of. Finally, I reached my last straw in…(Read More)

Have you ever wondered if your presence makes a lasting difference? Can we really affect change in the world around us? (WATCH HERE…) Did your mom or dad ever tell you, “Leave it better than you found it”? In one way or another, I’m constantly telling my kids this. When we visit a friend…(Read More)

Have you ever wondered if there is something beyond what you experience with your five senses every day? Beyond bills and dishes and to-do lists, is there a deeper reality we’ve become blinded to? I don’t know about you, but I love minor chords in music – those sounds where a tension is…(Read More)

Have you ever felt so caught up in your to-do list that you feel like you’ve lost some sense of who you’re meant to be? When we walk in constant busy-ness, we can quickly lose our sense of being. Let’s walk in the reality of who God has called us…(Read More)

When Is God?


When is God? Was He only active in the time of the Scriptures? Is He sitting idle in heaven in some future timeframe? When I pray and hear no immediate response, has He heard me? When is God? WATCH HERE…(Read More)

Where is God?


Have you ever wondered…where is God? In this world of distractions and struggle, where is God? Is He distant, out of touch, or a figment of our imagination? WATCH HERE…(Read More)

What is Real?


Have you ever wondered…what is real? In the midst of a distracting world full of obligations and hurry, what is real? Living in a culture where the mysteries of God have been obscured by the secular, we must take some time to adjust to a new way of perceiving present reality. The here and…(Read More)

Inherent within every human soul is the desire to seek what lies beyond ourselves…to know what is true. But in our world of relativism, how can we reconcile the many opposing belief systems we encounter? Does it work for different people to have different truths? And, if not, then what is the source of…(Read More)

Are we in possession of our things…or do our things possess us? Our relationship with possessions can be tricky. The reliance upon stuff is in our faces daily. Many of us have believed a lie that says: stuff is the source of our happiness. So, what’s the truth? Where does the source of…(Read More)