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Sometimes we limit what we discuss with God because it seems petty, or it’s too ugly, or we’re in denial…we fear feeling exposed. But, if we want to dive deeper in knowing God, how can we take the first step towards authentic vulnerability with Him? How can we get past fear and…(Read More)

We attach so much of who we are to things we do, to talents we have, to skills we cultivate. What if I was stripped of everything? EVERYTHING. Would I still be me? WATCH HERE…(Read More)

There’s this pervasive belief that more children equals more burden, which equals a worse life. That occupational callings on our lives are greater in value than raising children. Regardless of how they come, children aren’t easy. But who said life was supposed to be easy? WATCH HERE…(Read More)

Keeping the peace implies suppressing conflict, maintaining the status quo, not rocking the boat. But making the peace requires effort. Many times, making peace involves a fight. There will be discomfort and confrontation. Not only between people, but also within ourselves. WATCH…(Read More)

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As human beings created in the image of God, we are designed to be completely defined by Him. Not by our performance or by others’ perceptions of us. By Him alone. The Great I AM sees you, all the beauty and wonder, all the flaws and brokenness, and He loves you. He knows you intimately…(Read More)