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Living the Seasons


I am the Autumn The leaves, some red, some gold Others fallen and brown Those reminiscent of times gone Lessons learned And fruit grown from a life well-lived Now for others to glean, to be nourished The wind blows and scatters what I’ve grown, No longer to my benefit, but to nameless others…(Read More)

Being Fully


A tall piece of pink card stock graced my dresser top throughout 2013.  A list of specific goals.  Not so much resolutions to begin on January 1st as they were habits or accomplishments to develop and fulfill throughout the year.  It made January easier to swallow in 2013, knowing that I didn’t need to…(Read More)

When I was a kid, the Christmas tree, in all its colorful, illuminated glory mesmerized me.  The family time we spent putting it up…the lights breaking up the post-dinner darkness…sparkling on the nearby windows.  It was magical. And, even once I started my own family with my husband, the Christmas tree was…(Read More)

I don’t know about you, but I for one have walked (several times, in fact) down a road of wondering who I am…who I’m supposed to be.  I’ve tried to answer that question myself many times, with each instance leaving me feeling like I’ve failed. Again. I’ve tried to…(Read More)

How do you deal with loss?  When you’ve had no say in a situation and you find yourself with a huge, gaping hole in your life. Here’s Shiuli’s story, a young Nepalese woman who found hope in the face of tremendous loss.   Amidst the 700,000 people living in Kathmandu, Shiuli was…(Read More)

The Long, Winding Wait


Decision made, she steps with a newfound eagerness to the line.  She notices the long line, winding back and forth many times over and the sign that declares, “3 hours wait from this point.”  But she’s sure that can’t be right.  “The time will fly by,” she thinks. Children hang on the poles…(Read More)

How can we make a difference in the face of evil?  How can we pray?  How can we partner with God to rescue the lost?   The children of South Asia are among the most vulnerable in the world. The United Nations estimates that 1 million Asian children are traded every single day. In India…(Read More)

Time to Make a Choice


Her hands push against the bar, feeling it give way, counting her arrival.  Her gaze shifts upward and the options blur together in a haze of rushed movement, beckoning her to hop on and, at the same time, warning her to keep a distance.  She’d been so excited to arrive, to pull in the…(Read More)

Engulfed By Shame


Saachi slowly poured the kerosene over her body. The matchbox was sitting just inches away. The horror of what she was about to do didn’t deter her; she deserved this. Soaked through, she reached for the matches. The time had come to say goodbye. The Picture-Perfect Family Just a few years before, Saachi…(Read More)

I Just Want You


I want to learn how to be a better wife, so my husband will know how much I love him. I want to raise my kids with love and tenderness and discipline so that they will always know I’m a safe place. I want to keep my house (relatively) clean so I can have…(Read More)

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