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There’s this pervasive belief that more children equals more burden, which equals a worse life. That occupational callings on our lives are greater in value than raising children. Regardless of how they come, children aren’t easy. But who said life was supposed to be easy? WATCH HERE…(Read More)

Keeping the peace implies suppressing conflict, maintaining the status quo, not rocking the boat. But making the peace requires effort. Many times, making peace involves a fight. There will be discomfort and confrontation. Not only between people, but also within ourselves. WATCH…(Read More)

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As human beings created in the image of God, we are designed to be completely defined by Him. Not by our performance or by others’ perceptions of us. By Him alone. The Great I AM sees you, all the beauty and wonder, all the flaws and brokenness, and He loves you. He knows you intimately…(Read More)

Does What I Do Matter?


In a world where bills and diapers and to-do lists distract, how can we be sure our lives are making an impact? How can we make a lasting difference? Join me for this discussion on living a life of purpose from authentic identity…(Read More)

Do you ever feel like you’re a disappointment to others? Like you can never meet their expectations? How can we approach people who have unrealistic expectations of us? What are we responsible for and what isn’t ours to take on? Discover one mindset shift that can end your people-pleasing days and guard…(Read More)

What do I expect from life? From God? From my days? When dread creeps in, it’s a sign that expectations exist. Either I’ve placed expectations on myself that I have no business having or I’ve succumbed to the expectations of others (either real or imagined). Here is truly the crux of the…(Read More)

Have you ever asked God a question, but felt like you didn’t get an answer? Is He listening? Is He even there? Discover a new approach to help you hear God speak. Take a peek at our latest video… Check out our YouTube Channel to stay up-to-date on our latest videos! Download…(Read More)

Welcome to Now Found! We’re so glad you’re here. We’ve put together a video for you to help you see a little bit of what we do at Now Found. Remember…no matter who you are, what you’ve done, or where you’re at, you are never too lost to be…(Read More)