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Facing A Season of Change

Recently, I sat down with a friend I haven’t talked with in depth for a while, just a time to catch up and let our kids play. “What’s going on with you these days?” she tossed out with a smile.

I stumbled over thoughts. Usually I can pick one or two things going on and jump right in. But this has been a full season indeed. It took me a minute to get out, “Too much!” Many things. Big things. Incredible life changes.

And the enemy has been out in full force, on the attack for months. On the one hand, it’s frustrating being in a season with so much wonderful, yet facing so many battles – living moment-to-moment wielding my shield and sword. On the other hand, it’s an encouragement that we’re on the right track if the enemy is so hell-bent on derailing and discouraging us.

I keep coming back to my word for this year: Press! And God has brought me time and again to Psalm 18, remembering that He is my Source of strength, everything that I need. But I still have an active part to play, taking the offensive position against my enemies.

“I pursued my enemies and overtook them, and did not turn back till they were consumed. I thrust them through, so that they were not able to rise; they fell under my feet. For you equipped me with strength for the battle; you made those who rise against me sink under me.” Psalm 18:37-39

What are these enemies that need to be overtaken and thrust through? Fear. Food cravings. The desire for control. Lethargy. Insecurity. Pride. The feeling that I’m just not enough, or far worse, that God is not enough.

So, in the midst of the battles, what’s been going on around here? Here are the top highlights:

NEW BOOK ON THE WAY! The very week after I completed Refining Identity, I began writing Chronic Healing. It’s been three years in the works and now we’re preparing to launch. Chronic Healing follows my journey living with Type 1 diabetes and chronicles the many ways God has brought healing to my life as I’ve learned to seek the Healer more than I seek the “healing.” This is my testimony, sharing with every reader how God wants to be right there in the midst of your own chronic struggles, be they physical, emotional, or spiritual. This book is a message of hope, freedom, truth, and naked vulnerability as you peek into the day-to-day challenges of living with an ongoing condition even as God brings about His own miraculous healing. Chronic Healing will be released this summer!

NEW HOME! We’re building a new house and preparing to sell our current one, nearly complete with the projects to get it sell-worthy. The many conversations full of dreaming Steve and I have had over the years have come in handy these past few months as we (finally) made the decision about whether to continue investing time and money into our older house or build a new one that will better suit our long-term needs. We’ve maximized every square foot of our current home. And given the next major update, extra square footage will be a huge bonus!

NEW MEMBER OF THE FAMILY! Our journey towards adoption has been long, beginning with our hearts’ longings even before marriage, continuing through facing two high-risk pregnancies, lived temporarily through our fostering experience, and moving into a permanent stage now with domestic adoption. We’re SO excited to meet the newest member of the Cohen family! Get ready to hear more about our journey as I will catalog the steps along the way, inviting you to take part in this wonderful process with prayer and partnering with us financially to make this dream a reality.

And, in the midst of all of this, I’ve been writing up a storm on new projects, editing and working as a writer’s coach, eating a plant-based diet to test its effects on diabetes for me, and continuing to teach classes at church. I’ve also had to release some things from my schedule. I’ve had to say no, or at least not now. And, certainly, I’ll have to say no as other opportunities come my way, discerning what God has for me in this season.

Through everything, this blog has been simmering on the back burner. I’ve missed this space, this open discussion of the many ways God can be found. In a season like this, full of happenings, it’s easy to overlook the nearness of His presence. But He’s so close, arms extended, reaching for us in every, single circumstance if we will only pause to take notice.

So, what’s going on with you these days? How do you see God moving in the midst of this season?


CH Front Cover PerfectHave you ever wondered how to reconcile the reality of a chronic condition with the existence of a healing God?

In Chronic Healing, I share my journey of living with a chronic illness, all the while experiencing ongoing healing throughout my life. God has shown me that He is faithful, He is near, He sees the daily battles, He walks alongside in every moment.

Chronic Healing is Now Available! Order your copy today and meet the One who can give you lasting hope and healing for your body, soul, and spirit!




Finding God Everyday Now Found Blog

When It’s Time To Return From A Hiatus

Well, hello! This little corner of space has been on my heart often over the past few months, though it’s been unusually quiet here. I’ve been on a hiatus, so to speak.

Hiatus a pause or gap in a series, sequence, or process.

That’s what these past several months have been for me here in this space – a pause…a gap…ironically, taking place immediately after attending an amazing and inspirational blogging conference. I’ve felt a pressure, a sense of failure that I’m not doing this blog its justice, not fulfilling the duty I’ve established here for myself.

Apparently, I’ve believed the lie that a pause is a bad thing.

That coming back when I’m ready, when windows of time have reopened, is somehow hypocritical. Or, that I shouldn’t dare to return until every duck has realigned in its row.

As though life is a formula to be discovered and pacified ceaselessly.

In my most recent posts from July (truly only five months ago, though it seems like an eon), I wrote a series on priorities. How fitting, in fact, rather than failing, it is that my hiatus came just afterwards!

What’s been happening? Oh, nothing much…(wink)

  • A fabulous family vacation (much-needed fun & rest!)
  • Prepping for and teaching a class on identity (my heart’s passion!)
  • Upending and implementing new curricula in our school days (tending to 2 of my greatest blessings!)
  • Completing my latest book manuscript and looking towards publication in the spring (unspeakable excitement!)
  • Taking on speaking engagements for this fall and in upcoming months (incredible privilege!)

Nothing at all really…just the blessings and fullness of this season of life. Trying to live out, even quietly, those priorities I declared out loud. Hiatus – a pause, a gap – can be a blessing, rather than a declaration of failure. It’s a matter of perspective.

Littering the psalms is this word holding a wealth of mystery – selah. There is no shortage of opinions on the true, singular meaning of this word: praise or lift up, weigh in the balances, pause and think calmly, take a breath. But put together, this word has become a reminder to me while reading the Word, and also while living life, to pause, breathe, and praise rather than hurry towards the next thing.

Rest and realize His presence instead of race and rush right past Him. Selah…selah.

His presence or the world’s pressure? The feeling of failure in a hiatus or the feeling of filling in selah? Which will I choose? Which will you choose?