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The Story Our Scars Can Tell

Brokenness doesn’t diminish your value. Brokenness means you have a story. Scars mean a wound you once had has been healed. Some scars do completely fade. But many remain, becoming a testimony themselves of where both wounding and healing have occurred.

Being healed doesn’t always mean you’ll be flawless. The flaws give a unique and innate beauty to our stories. The flaws let the world know we’ve suffered, we aren’t perfect, we have a story to share. And other imperfect people can enter our world, knowing we’ll understand when they reveal they’ve been wounded too.

The broken beautiful. (Continue Reading)


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Finding God Everyday Now Found Blog

Are You Letting Fear Decide?

Day 60 - Fear
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We’d only been dating for three weeks, but Steve had already figured out he was going to marry me. I, on the other hand, was more practical than that. In a few months, I’d be moving to a new city in a new state, a thousand miles away from him. It would be too hard. It was doomed to fail before it began. I was so certain.

It was time to say goodbye. (Continue Reading)

Today, I’m over at Single Matters looking at the impact fear makes on our lives. I almost let fear ruin one of the best things in my life. Are you letting fear make the decisions in your life?

Finding God Everyday Now Found Blog

Where Did My Promise Go?

Peace promise
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Usually a rainbow is best seen against a stormy backdrop. When we’ve grabbed the umbrella – raced out to our car to avoid getting soaked – in a quiet moment we can see something that never would have been there without the rain. A promise, too, is best seen, best received when the tumult of life has rocked what is usually steady.

The promise doesn’t mean there won’t be more rain, more storm clouds. But it gives hope that lies just beyond them. (Continue Reading…)


Today, I’m over at Single Matters, looking at promises and what to do when it seems like your promise is never going to come to pass.  Join the discussion HERE!  


refining identity cover no grad
Imagine what your life would be like if you knew exactly who God designed you to be. In Refining Identity, Courtney dives into the topics of who God is and what that means for us, understanding that regardless of where we are in the process of being refined to reflect Christ, we are far more valuable to Him than pure gold.




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Where Love and Identity Meet


I am over at Single Matters chatting about the kind of love that defines.  What kind of lies have you believed about how your relationships define you?  They may not be what you think…

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