Please Vote!

Now Found Ministries is conducting a contest to design our new logo and we would love and need your feedback.

We are having four preliminary entry polls to help whittle down the over 140 designs by over 30 designers and we need your help. We are daily even hourly receiving more and more entries into our contest as God has blessed us with an abundance of entries.

(Just as an example of His blessings, for the budget that we set for our contest being held at we were told we were told to expect to receive about 30 designs. We are almost 5 times that with a little under a day left in the preliminary designs and 3 days left for the finalist.)

Because each poll has different graphics please take a moment to visit each one to make sure you don’t miss your favorite one. While there don’t forget to rate and comment on the ones you like and even the ones you don’t like and why.

Click on the contest below.

Contest 1:

Contest 2:

Contest 3: ***New***

Contest 4: ***New***

Happy Voting and thank you for your help and support.

Steve and Courtney