When I was still in the throes of brand-new motherhood, with my first-born just a few months old, I felt defeated.  Too little sleep…too many emotions…too much I didn’t know.

Steve was working ridiculous hours back then, from home.  So, he was there, but he wasn’t.  It was a difficult balance, especially as we lived in a 600-sq-ft guest house while we saved up for a home of our own.

I spent much of my time doubting my motherly abilities.  What right did I have to guide this little life?  Who was I anyway?  I felt like a terrible mom.

And, one day, when I drove several miles with my son not properly locked in his car seat, the supposed validity of these inward thoughts rang through.  What if something had happened??

The day after that less-than-stellar car-seat incident, I was pulling out of the awkwardly shaped driveway, my son, safe and secure in the back.  And the moment was actually quiet.  Quiet enough for God to poke through the dismal direction of my thoughts.  He simply told me His thoughts, “You’re a good mom!”

What?!  Did I just imagine that?  Just seconds before I’d been reprimanding myself for my failures of the day before.  And then, God had the audacity to tell me I’m a good mom?  Well, yes…that’s exactly what He said.  He knew the doubts raging in my heart.  He knew the failure I felt.  And He knew the reminder I needed.

He still knows.  And He still reminds me.  Sometimes the reminders come in those brief, quiet moments when God and I are having a morning chat.  But, usually He tells me directly through the lips of my children.  When my son comes up and squeezes the breath out of me with his strong six-year-old arms, I hear God speaking through his words, “You’re my best momma ever!”  I feel the warmth of God’s embrace, His acceptance when my son gives me one of his candies and says it’s because I’m doing such a good job taking care of him and I deserve a treat.  Those words are sweeter than any candy ever could be.

Your failure yesterday does not define who you are in God’s eyes!  Take a minute and listen for the words He is constantly speaking over you…words of life and encouragement and purpose and freedom.


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