Do you ever get the feeling that something significant is about to change? That your present “ordinary” is about to be exchanged for a new normal?

It’s one of those seasons for me. An off-hand joke tossed out. A random suggestion at the most unexpected time. And the soul stirs…longing, hoping, dreaming of possibilities that were utterly impossible just seconds prior.

Somewhere along the way I suppose I got the idea that a job is just a job – that it can’t be a passion. And if your passion becomes your job, then eventually that passion will die out. But, I’m realizing what a lie that’s been. It’s not to say there won’t be difficult, exhausting, frustrating days. But, if you’re blessed to match up your passion with your paycheck, how can that be a bad thing?

Some jobs come along and they’re provision. God has provided a way to pay the bills, to put food on the table, to keep a family together.

Then there are jobs that are paving stones. Not the final destination, but pivotal steps along the way. God is preparing you for what’s yet to come.

And then there is that intersection where passion and paycheck meet, where you’re blessed to spend your hours and days living in the center of what drives you – what you would do for no pay at all. That’s precious. That’s a gift from the One who created you in the first place, who set your design and affirms your purpose.

Where are you at on your journey?

Is a change coming? Are you open to possibilities should they come in unexpected ways?



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