I think we’ve lost sight of what it means to know. We hear someone’s name and think, “Yeah, I know them.” But we really have only seen their picture on Facebook, or on a tabloid cover, or in the news. Maybe we’ve even met them a few times, exchanged some chit-chat. And we think that qualifies us to know them.

We do that with God too. Perhaps we’ve heard the name of Jesus, or attended church (even weekly!), or read someone’s devotional or quippy post about His character and love. Maybe we’ve even prayed a few times, sung some songs in the sanctuary. And we think that qualifies us to know Him.

Our English word, “know” is just simply too limited. In the Bible, while “knowing” can refer to an acquaintance, it primarily refers to far more than intellection. Knowing isn’t mere mental ascent.

Knowing is a euphemism for intercourse between a man and woman.

Knowing refers to the acceptance of and response to God’s truth and calling on a life.

Knowing is deeply intimate, intrinsically connected, reaching beyond mere thought into the deepest connection of spirits.

What if it’s just as simple as knowing Him more?

The best feeling in the world is knowing that you are known.

When husband and wife come together in physical intimacy, if they can cast off personal insecurities and enter into complete trust that their spouse sees them for who they truly are, scars and all, and loves them unconditionally…this is the moment that gives incredible witness to the euphoria of knowing God deeply, and grasping, even a smidgeon, how deeply He knows us.

Can this be the answer to every problem? To every attempt to compartmentalize issues and people groups? To just see Him, to know Him more? If we know Him truly, we’ll know ourselves accurately. If we know Him truly, it won’t matter what phase of life we’re in, because He’ll meet us anywhere. If we know Him truly, we’ll trust that He is working it all out for our good, so we don’t need to worry or overthink things. We can rest. If we know Him truly, we won’t even need to fear death, because we’ll know that death is merely a doorway that brings us into eternity with Him.

Tough day living in the grind? Envelop yourself in His presence.

Tragedy knocking at your door? Open the door up to God and let Him handle it, whether He brings healing we understand or not.

Tired? Bored? Uninspired? When we have the Spirit of God living in us, we are LITERALLY in-spired. Filled with the Spirt. Know Him. Be known by Him.


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Take a journey to better know who God is and who He says you are.


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