Have you ever wondered if your presence makes a lasting difference? Can we really affect change in the world around us? (WATCH HERE…)

Did your mom or dad ever tell you, “Leave it better than you found it”? In one way or another, I’m constantly telling my kids this. When we visit a friend’s house, we always try to leave a few minutes at the end for the kids to help clean up any messes they made. It’s just good manners. But, what if it’s more than mere manners?

As humans made in the image of God, we are designed to take dominion. We have the ability to affect change. And not just in the places we go, but also within the people we encounter.

So, I want to adjust this manners-focused message and make it mission-focused: Leave People & Places Better Than You Found Them.

With places, yes, tidy up any messes you made. But, also, bring the Presence of God with you. Bring peace. Bring joy. Your attitude affects the atmosphere. When I have a sour attitude, it affects the atmosphere of my home and anywhere I go. Which then affects the people in that atmosphere. So, let’s leave places better than we found them.

And, with people, while we are not responsible for the emotions or behaviors of others, we are responsible for the life or death that we speak over them. What brings death? Gossip. Slander. Judgment. Negativity. Simply, the words of the enemy. What brings life? Encouragement. Faith. Positivity. Acceptance. Expressed Love. Hope. Simply, the words of God.

Imagine how different things could be if everywhere you go today you planted seeds of life, hope, love, positivity. If you encouraged another person. If you really looked at a stranger in the eyes and smiled like you know how precious they are to God.

Imagine if you prayed for the people and places you passed by while on a walk instead of only focusing on your number of steps.

Let’s go beyond manners and be mission-minded. Let’s leave people and places better than we found them.

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