Relationships can be tough…and for women it can be exhausting or damaging if we continue to live while warring with one another. The defensive tactics can be subtle tricks in the mind: comparing our appearance and our abilities…or finding ways to put ourselves first in line, even stealing that attention or promotion away from other women. And going on the offense, we can deeply wound other women, continuing to perpetuate the myth that other women are enemies rather than our allies.

For the most part, as a teen, my friends were primarily boys. Yes, I had several close girlfriends over the years, but on the whole, I viewed other girls as a threat to me. Thank God, I have stepped out of that damaging mindset and I have been blessed with women who love and happily uplift me and who will accept my love and encouragement too!

Recently I have read an amazing book written by Jan Greenwood, a woman full of wisdom and godly encouragement. Her book, Women at War, looks not only at how women have believed the lies of the enemy which lead us to wound each other, but even more she expounds on how much we need each other! In her wisdom, she lays out questions to reflect on and loving challenges to see the women in your life in a new light.

For every woman, I encourage and challenge you to read this book! And starting April 29th, every Monday, through July 29th I invite you to join an online study of this fabulous resource! Jan will be joining us on this journey towards seeing the true possibility and genuine power of having healthy female relationships. Come join me and many other women who are excited to learn together about God’s plan for godly friendships with our girls!

Check out and sign up for this amazing online study HERE!  I hope to see you there!


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