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Why Create When There Are Bills To Pay?

It all began as a pretty typical girls’ night in – snacking, chatting, laughing, and (perhaps) a little dancing in the living room. But somewhere along the line, as we got to know each other a little better, we came across a beautiful discovery: our shared passion for creating.

One girl, new to me, heard I was a writer and started asking me questions about what sort of writing I do. I come to realize she’s a budding photographer. Sitting in our small circle were also musicians, a painter, and a well-established YouTube crafter.

From the outside, to most people, we’d look more like this: a few stay-at-home moms, a couple of nurses, a former cop, a homeschooler, some wives, some single moms, a few foster/adoptive moms, etc. And yet, an invisible thread tied us all together, this connection of passion for the creative. Excitement for something greater bubbled beneath the surface.

On my drive home that night, I thought, “That’s great, God, but why does it matter? God, why did You create us this way? What does being creative really change in the scope of eternity?”

Most of us don’t use our creative outlets for financial support. They’re mostly to refresh us individually – almost an itch that just has to be scratched – that if we don’t create in our own individual ways, we’ll be less than our true selves.

God responded to my questions: “I didn’t make you to just be educated to learn skills to get jobs to pay bills…to raise kids to learn skills to get jobs to pay bills. I made you to know Me and make Me known. That’s what the creative does. I create. Therefore, you create. You emulate Me when you create. You become a window into My character when you create. That’s far more important that just paying the bills. Bills are temporary realities. Your creative capacity is eternal. So, make Me known.”

The creative essence within you is eternal. It emulates the creativity of God Himself. It is eternal. It opens a window of understanding to the character of eternal God.

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creative - potter

To you, musician, actor, author – your creativity is deeply valuable.

To you, painter, photographer, tattoo artist – your creativity speaks to the greatest Artist who has ever existed.

To you, crafter, DIY’er, buildergraphic designeryou are a window that others can peek through to see God’s character.

To you, blogger, bakerdancer, and programmer – you have the capacity to make Him known.

Creativity is one avenue towards knowing God better and making Him known. And, more than that, the very capacity to create is a gift straight from the hand of God. What are you creating today? And why?

creative - street dancer

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Where Passion Meets A Paycheck

Do you ever get the feeling that something significant is about to change? That your present “ordinary” is about to be exchanged for a new normal?

It’s one of those seasons for me. An off-hand joke tossed out. A random suggestion at the most unexpected time. And the soul stirs…longing, hoping, dreaming of possibilities that were utterly impossible just seconds prior.

Somewhere along the way I suppose I got the idea that a job is just a job – that it can’t be a passion. And if your passion becomes your job, then eventually that passion will die out. But, I’m realizing what a lie that’s been. It’s not to say there won’t be difficult, exhausting, frustrating days. But, if you’re blessed to match up your passion with your paycheck, how can that be a bad thing?

Some jobs come along and they’re provision. God has provided a way to pay the bills, to put food on the table, to keep a family together.

Then there are jobs that are paving stones. Not the final destination, but pivotal steps along the way. God is preparing you for what’s yet to come.

And then there is that intersection where passion and paycheck meet, where you’re blessed to spend your hours and days living in the center of what drives you – what you would do for no pay at all. That’s precious. That’s a gift from the One who created you in the first place, who set your design and affirms your purpose.

Where are you at on your journey?

Is a change coming? Are you open to possibilities should they come in unexpected ways?