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God and the Waves

God and the waves



Predictable patterns within incredible unpredictability.

Each wave different, unique.

Each move of God different, unique.

Crashing waves roll in, never ceasing.

Listen for the pounding presence

A whisper, a roar

Overwhelming and powerful.

The awing invitation

Filled with life and deep things unknown

Draws me to put toes in the surf.

But I want to know, and cannot fully, despite my longing.

The shallow shores sparkle and sway.

And deep depths carry towards freedom.

Fully dependent on the wave, on His movement.

To wade or dive…a decision to make,

An invitation to accept.

Finding God Everyday Now Found Blog

Trading In Our Insecurity

Have you ever felt insecure?

It’s something we all deal with and is often an ongoing battle we face as we attempt to live our lives with authenticity and courage.

But if we stay in this place of insecurity, it eats away at our emotional health and, in fact, our very sense of identity. Emotionally healthy people exhibit healthy boundaries with others, owning their own feelings without taking on responsibility for the feelings and choices of others. There will be an ease in forgiveness, a lack of bitterness. Gratitude, positivity and trust in God will also be manifest in the way they live each day.

But an insecure person has an unpredictable, shifting foundation underlying their core beliefs. (I’m over at Single Matters today. Continue reading HERE!)