How to Keep Up With the Pace of Life

How to Keep Up With the Pace of Life

Have you ever felt like you’re living in a hidden season? As though so many life changes are happening at once that you must take several steps back and find a stillness in all the swirling activity? That’s where our family has been in this most recent season.

If you’ve followed our adoption journey, you know we’ve been waiting. And waiting. And waiting. To see the beauty and the promise of God fulfilled. Six months ago, our family was chosen by a birth mom to adopt her precious baby girl. She wasn’t rejecting her daughter. She wasn’t “giving her up.” She intentionally and carefully considered where she was at and what would be best for her baby. At this point in her life, that meant placing her with great intent into a forever family. That is selfless love. That is sacrifice.

When we heard the news we’d been chosen and only had a few weeks to wait, the endless waiting switched gears into a flurry of activity. Our promise was about to come. We would meet our daughter soon!

Our precious girl has been with us from her first moment in this world. I was in the delivery room and was the first (non-medical) person to hold her. Steve was the first to feed her. From the first moment, we’ve known and felt that she is ours. Every day with her truly is precious. Yes, we get tired. But there is something about this process, about the deep intentionality of our entire adoption journey, which makes each moment we have with her a gift. We’ll go to court in a couple of months to finalize the adoption, to make what is already forever in our hearts, forever in the eyes of the law.

In this hidden season of welcoming a baby into our home, we’ve also been preparing for what’s next in life and ministry. This month marks the six-year anniversary of this blog, this space to explore the many ways and places God can be found. We are so excited to announce what has been brewing: the upcoming release of our video teachings! In these brief and accessible videos, we will explore how to know truth, experience freedom, and live in authentic identity and intimacy with God. Beginning in late-August, you will be able to connect with those here as well as through our Facebook page.

We would love your help in getting the word out and sharing these messages as they are released. Who in your life needs encouragement to live in freedom? Who needs to know God more deeply? Who needs to answer the question for themselves, “Who am I?”

If you find yourself now living in a hidden season, remember: time in the hidden place is where God often heals our souls, allows us time to rest, and prepares us for our next leg of life’s journey with Him. Embrace the season of hiddenness and all that He has for your here. When the pace of life feels rushed, out of control, take a step back into the fold of His embrace and find rest. Ask Him: What can I release in this season? Where do I need to put my attention? Who do You say I am?

Rest from the doing and settle into the being, trusting that He will direct your steps.

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