Life Lately

Life Lately

Can we all agree that the past couple of years have been unusual, to say the very least?

These past two years have been strange for me in that I haven’t been writing personally. Yes, I’ve collaborated on a few projects with others and I’ve done a bit of contract writing on the side, but writing from my soul has only taken place in the quiet pages of a personal journal. These years have been full of moments to digest slowly.

While the world has been in a sense of ongoing shaking, our family has also faced multiple losses of loved ones as well as a failed adoptive placement. We’ve talked richly and deeply with those in our close circle, but so much about these past two years has felt too near to share publicly. A smaller, deeper time of life for us.

Especially when the world gets louder with opinions and half-baked ideas, I find myself pulled into a quieter place to think more fully before I speak. Rarely do I regret pausing to consider my words a little more before I speak them; but often do I regret those words spoken in haste with too-little context behind my suppositions.

And yet, I feel drawn back to this space of sharing thoughts and, above all else, finding God in the everyday moments of life. It seems appropriate to re-enter this space on the tenth anniversary of the Now Found Blog.

I look forward to sharing this month of the other milestones I’m marking as well as some more processed and still-in-process thoughts of how we navigate this world in which we find ourselves.

So, I welcome you back and I invite you to dig in deeper with me to these moments where God is present – though we may or may not sense it. He welcomes us always to keep seeking with the promise that He will be found.

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