What Lies Beneath - Day 2 - The Baseline

What Lies Beneath - Day 2 - The Baseline

Let’s create a baseline of understanding, a picture if you will. What's directly beneath you? It’s not a trick question. Go ahead and look. Now think about below that and below that. What’s holding up what is holding you up? Depending on the structure or location you may have reached the foundation in just a few, small layers of carpet and padding or there may have been much more to the building below. For those flying, there are physics that are at play that allow you to stay afloat. There is a support structure for everything in existence. Even when we can’t see it, there is something beneath the surface.

I enjoyed going to the Twin Towers as a young boy. They extended over 1360', one hundred and ten floors[1], into the air and approximately sixty-five feet below the earth's surface down to bed-rock. The towers, as a pair, weighed approximately 1,500,000 tons. The entire World Trade Center complex used some 200,000 tons of steel, and over 860,000 tons of concrete, the majority of which was for the Twin Towers. Yet, as impressive and massive a construction the towers were, we humans, at an average height measuring five feet, four inches[2] and weight of one hundred and fifty-three pounds, created from primarily water and carbon, have an even more impressive foundation.

That foundation of Love was created by the Creator Himself. We can only experience that love, when we encounter His truth. The immovable, permanent, absolute Truth which doesn’t conform to our wishes, desires, or bent towards something. Nor does this Truth originate from philosophy or our thought processes that could change based on current trends or behaviors.

Truth, although it can be factual, is not based on or rooted in facts. Simply because something is factual does not mean it is true. Fact means that we can perceive it to be true, but our perceptions can deceive us. Additionally, as incredible as our minds are, being a part of this human body crafted in the image of God, we are limited in our capabilities here on earth, preventing us from being able to prove certain inalienable truths. But, just because we cannot prove something within the realm of our abilities does not mean that it is not God’s Truth. Dallas Willard addressed truth and reality, stating that the,

"Acceptance of…[something’s] right to exist in a pluralistic society does not make it any more correct and will be of no help to those following it when they finally run into reality."

Willard continues to point out that those who believe there are different standards as to what reality is or isn’t, variances between fact and faith,

"are victims of the unfortunate delusion of current culture that “fact” is limited to what is sense-perceptible".[3]

As Matthew 7 states, Christ is the Rock we should be building on. He was there in the beginning. He is part of the Triune foundation our existence is based on.

Romans 1:25 illustrates the issue of when we try to pour our own foundation over the one Christ has poured. We often arrange our thoughts and actions to support our own truths, our own realities, instead of relying on God's Truth and the foundation Christ has already poured for us.

A challenge for us: Are “our truths” God’s truth? Or are they lies that we have believed? And how can we tell the difference?

This devotional is designed to help you do that by hearing God and relying on Him to reveal what lies beneath. Relying on Him to identify whether or not what we find is truth or a lie. And when we find a lie, we want to dig the support structure out from these false foundations, so they crumble and fall into the pit of hell where they belong.

This is a process. You can have lies built on lies and as these lies are revealed, we need our Rock, Jesus, to be our foundation. When everything seems to be crumbling around us, rely on the subject of Psalm 91:4, “He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection.” He's got you.

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