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Titanic ABIDE Trucker Hat

Titanic ABIDE Trucker Hat

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To ABIDE is not just following someone's rules. It is coming alongside someone, spending time with them, enjoying each other.

When Now Found Apparel first started, I felt that God wanted me to delve into this topic of abiding, but I had no idea what it actually meant. When I asked Him what He wanted me to do with this word, He told me to do research and look it up. Three words summed up all of the definitions: sit, dwell, and remain. He complimented me, but also told me my assessment was incomplete. My reply? "Okay then," kind of snarky at this point, "What am I missing?" He told me, "ME. All the sitting, dwelling, and remaining means nothing without Me." Ouch. I forgot God. Have you?

This design from that conversation as a reminder of what this beautiful word means. Spend time with Him today, and everyday for that matter. Take rest in Him.

SIT - DWELL - REMAIN In His Presence.

The Titanic edition of our ABIDE snapback trucker hat is ocean blue with icy white & blue lettering. Unlike a massive cruise ship, this trucker hat is comfortable to wear and will go down in history as one of the best hats in existence.

Jesus told a parable of the Shepherd leaving the 99 to go find the 1. Our ABIDE brand may be a little challenging to see at first, but we want it to be a tool to challenge you to go find your one everyday. Find the person who squints or tilts their head a little to see what it says and then engage in conversation with a simple, "What do you see?" or "What do you think it says?" These simple questions give us a non-confrontational, non-judgmental opportunity to encourage someone with the hope of the world.

Remember, we are Never Too Lost To Be Found. Are you willing to love on someone? Get your hat today go find your one today.

One size fits most.

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