• Crosses at Sunset

    Once blind but now I see.....Are you missing out on Jesus?

    "You can only see what you can see, therefore you think you can see everything there is to see"..... " I didn't see what I couldn't see because I couldn't see" - Bob Hamp Alpha Summit 2013

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Welcome to Now Found Ministries

Thank you for stopping by.

Why Now Found? What is the name all about?  It’s about finding God and being found in Him.  Our Savior, Jesus Christ, the One who came to die in our place as a penalty for our sins, also loves us enough to come find us in the midst of our sinning.

While Jesus was in human form on earth He told stories to help relate to those He encountered. Instead of beating them over the head with scripture, He chose to meet the people where they were, in the midst of their sin and help them understand the freedom God was about to release on them. Freedom? Many preach a condemnation story, but they aren’t preaching Jesus’s story.

My name is Steve Cohen, founder of Now Found Ministries. Shortly after I was found by my Savior in June of 2002, Jesus gave me a vision of helping others understand how real and relevant He is to their lives. I was lost for a long time and although God is all-knowing and He knew exactly where I was, a person has to be willing in order to be found.

I like to relate that to an experience I had in the middle of a highway here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I was driving to work one day and I saw a puppy in the median.  Since traffic was pretty solid, I couldn’t make it to the side of the road, so I called animal control to come save him. All day long I was curious about what happened to that puppy. I called animal control multiple times to get status reports and apparently in a city of millions a puppy in the median just wasn’t their priority. As I drove home I kept a keen eye in the area I had seen him some nine hours earlier and saw nothing. And then it happened, a little head popped up out of the tall grass…it was him. I pulled over immediately and got a towel out of the back of my car in case he was wet or muddy and proceeded to walk towards him. He ran like no other. I was thankful that there were barriers as I did not want him to run into traffic, because he did not want to be caught. At that time he would rather die in that median than be saved. I didn’t give up, and neither did he until we caught eyes and then something happened…it was like he broke. His eyes softened, his ears relaxed and drooped down and he simply laid down in the grass. I came and picked him up, put him in my car and took him home. He had a broken hip and was pretty badly malnourished.

Although my life seemed pretty good to those around me, I was much like the puppy: lost, stranded and broken, That being said, I still didn’t want to be helped. I, like the puppy, ran from my Savior as hard as I could.  Although He knew exactly where I was and He was fully capable of helping me, He couldn’t do so until I surrendered and trusted Him to take me, nurture and heal me and save me from the treacherous place I was in. It was at that moment when I gave Him my all that I had now been found.

Our ministry is all about helping others come to a realization that they, through Jesus, can be found.

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