An Honored Position

I came across this snippet of thought a few months back, from the time nearly four years ago when I had a two-year-old and an almost one-year-old keeping me very busy. Now, I’m still busy, in a different sort of way. Those two are older, but still have their definite needs. And now, with adding home school and fostering to the mix you get the idea that life just keeps expanding for us.

When I found this piece, I printed a copy and stuck it on my fridge, on the side right next to the stove where I spend plenty of time preparing food for this ever-expanding family. It is a daily reminder of the why behind my chosen profession. Despite the lack of glamour in my day-to-day, and in the midst of those “about-to-pull-my-hair-out-if-you-ask-me-one-more-question” moments, this helps me refocus on the beauty of this season of motherhood. It helps to recall that mine is not a place of drudgery, but rather one lived while sensing the beauty of each moment.

Enjoy! And, if you’re a mom, I pray you are encouraged!

“An Honored Position”

I am a wiper of runny noses, a tucker-inner come bed-time. I am an expert at the sensitive variances of my baby’s cries. And I am a linguist specialist in the realm of toddler-translation. I am the changer of sheets, the administrator of medicine, the chauffeur  and entertainer. I am the maker of the food and the cleaner of the messes.

When the world is frightening or painful, I am the one they run to for comfort in a reassuring hug. When a mighty accomplishment is made, I am available for a cheer and a high-five. Every step is precious to me. Every smile and clap of the hands. Every acquired word and every ounce gained.

I am a witness to each little life. For every bit of progress made, I am there. I am the one with ears straining to translate the subtle movements heard over the monitor. I am the one policing television intake and protecting their world. I am the teacher, introducing these babes to the world around them. I am Mom.

Now, many see this role as less than a dime-a-dozen, for, after all, there have been billions of mothers throughout the expanse of time. But one thing that makes my role unique from every other and privileged above all else is that I am the only one entrusted to be Mom to these two precious souls (and any future children we will have).

Sure, there are days that are tiresome. Even now, I type with one hand, while my other arm keeps my baby in my lap. My days, and nights for that matter, are no longer my own. For two-and-a-half years, I was either pregnant or nursing; my stretch marks are my battle wounds. My body’s purpose was primarily to pour into another’s livelihood. Every bite I ate was calculated, every medicine carefully chosen. But would I ever trade it, this role, this position in life? Never, ever, ever. (May 5, 2009)

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