Foster & Adopt

Families created through fostering and adoption have incredible potential to be havens of healing for children from hard places. Foster and adoption opens our eyes to the kind of love that God has for His children - unconditional, rich, and eternal. 

Have you been called to foster or adopt? Or would you like to help families who do?

How can you make a difference?

  • Get copies of our children's books as gifts for foster and adoptive families in your life to encourage conversations of identity, purpose, healing, and freedom.
  • Donate needed and gently used items to organizations like Chosen Ones & Child Hope Services.
  • Become a qualified babysitter or respite care provider for fostering families.
  • Bring meals to families with new placements.
  • Send a gift card for groceries or gas to a foster or adoptive family. They likely have tons of appointments that aren't close by.
  • Go help a foster family with practical needs: fold laundry, house cleaning, minor house repairs, pick up their kids from school, watching their little ones while they make necessary phone calls for appointments, etc.
  • Read a book, listen to a podcast, or watch videos on trauma-informed parenting so you can better understand and support your fostering & adoptive friends.
  • Be available for support with a listening ear, but don't ask for specific details - there are things foster parents aren't allowed to share about their children.
  • Practice using new phrases and mindsets - for example, instead of "real" use "biological"; instead of "foster kid" use "new member of the family"; instead of staring at all the different skin tones and hairstyles, admire the beauty and diversity one family can hold.
  • Contact an adoption agency (we recommend Christian Homes & Family Services and Lifeline Children's Services) about attending an orientation on how to become a foster or adoptive family.

Ultimately, challenge yourself to think beyond how hard it will be for you, especially to let a child go after you've fostered them. Instead, consider how amazing it could be to provide a safe, loving, healing place for a child that needs one during a dark time of their life.

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