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Steven Cohen | Christian Keynote Speaker | Author of "What Lies Beneath," "Loved As You Are," "However Long Forever," | Co-Founder of Now

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As an author and communicator, I know the most important thing to consider is how I can equip, empower, and encourage my audience.

While you'll find my most requested topics listed below, adaptability is one of my top strengths. I'd enjoy the opportunity to develop content specific to your event. 

Interactive workshops have become a favorite event of mine - the audience better engages and walks away with immediate application.

I'd love the opportunity to speak with your church or organization. Feel free to choose from a topic below or let me know if I can prepare a unique teaching just for your event. 

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More About Me...

Since 2002 I have been passionately pursuing a life transformed from LIES to LOVE...

Whether through teaching, writing, leading a team, facilitating group discussions, or being a husband and father, As a seasoned speaker, Bible teacher, and author of multiple books including What Lies Beneath, Loved As You Are, and However Long Forever I approach life with ardent intensity, calling God's design and desire out of others. But it wasn't always that way.

As an atheist for most of my life, I debated the existence of the very God I love today with that same passion and intensity. I searched for a solution to the unceasing, unquenchable desire for something greater than me. I explored multiple religions, belief systems, and cultures, only to be temporarily satisfied. Ultimately, I was left lacking true hope or understanding of who I was. I know now that God continued to pursue me, saving me from myself time and time again.

In 2002, I experienced complete love and the true fulfillment of my longing for more. It wasn't found in things or through my efforts to reach an enlightened state. This deep satisfaction was achieved only when I surrendered myself, my desires, my will, and my pride to the world's Savior, Yeshua more commonly known as Jesus the Christ.

Shortly after that moment, God revealed that He desired for me to share with the world that, although we may feel alone, unfulfilled, lacking, depressed, or abandoned, we are Never Too Lost To Be Found. This is my heart and the heart of Now Found Ministries: that you would know and be known by your Creator, Savior, and Counselor, and that you would experience His undying love for you.

My bride, Courtney (or Court as I call her), is my most loyal and encouraging supporter. She keeps me grounded when the creative in me gets just a bit to far away from reality.

Together, we co-founded and serve at Now Found where we equip, empower, and encourage people to love God and love people through spoken, written, and wearable resources.

  • 1134 Movement

    Hear Steve’s riveting testimony about how hEll was turned on its head and how we can create a movement of Love, like only Jesus can do. Steve went from a hate-filled atheistic anti-Christ to a man passionate only for the things of God.  Be inspired to look and see God’s hand moving in your life and the lives of others, right where you’re at!

  • What Lies Beneath

    Our lives are all built on a foundation of either lies or Love. The enemy of our soul strategizes against every life, every heart, planting lies during formative moments which can alter the trajectory of a person’s life. Discover the truth about what lies beneath and how to open up your heart to God and His truth.

  • I Am > Me Workshop

    This interactive workshop actively engages those in attendance to break free from their limiting beliefs, lenses we commonly look through, and lies we have believed. We will work to restore your identity to who your were designed to be before the beginning of time.

  • N8 Warrior Workshop

    We've all got a warrior inside of us, it's innate (or N8 as we say). Learn how to be the warrior God designed you to be.

    Join us for this hands on workshop as we develop and empower the warrior in all of us. This topic can be adapted to both Men, Women, boys, girls, small groups, and families.

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What to Expect

  • Prompt response to your request for information on availability.
  • Clear communication before the event to ensure we're on the same page.
  • Promotion of your event through my website and social media.
  • Engaging, conversational, inspiring, and practical content for your audience.
  • Swift follow-up after your event for feedback.