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You are Never Too Lost To Be Found.

And whether you need personal or professional coaching we are here for you. We offer Personal Success Coaching, Writer's Coaching, and Individual and Married Biblical Counseling. In all sessions, hearing from the Holy Spirit is vital and Jesus is the base foundation. Book your session today.

What to expect:

In our Personal Success Coaching we partner with you to hear God's desires for your life and encourage and challenge you to become the child of God He designed and desires for you.

In our one-on-one Writer's Coaching sessions, you will learn tools of the trade to make your formatting clean and your writing accessible to your ideal readers.

In our Biblical Counseling sessions we orient everything to Jesus. If you feel stuck, desire assistance more intimate relationship with God, or just need to learn how to hear God or read His word, we can help.

In our Biblical Marriage Counseling sessions our desire is to help rekindle the fire with your spouse through hearing God for and about each other. We also address lies that have infiltrated our relationships and we replace the lies for the love God has for us.

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**Our ministers are not licensed professional counselors but are licensed ministers.

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