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Born to Die?

A while ago I read Anne Rice’s novel Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt afterwards it left me with an in thought. Some of us are born to ride, some born to live, others born to teach, or what ever other bumper-stickers you may have read. But aren’t we all here, truly born to die? What does 100% of the world’s population have in common? We all die. That sounds like a morbid thought, but is it truly morbid? Well there are two ways to look at it.

If we are here by accident, we are simply a result of a primordial soup becoming something else, then yes I would say it’s very morbid. Everything being relative and no real reason to be here is a psychiatrist’s dream, and if everything is relative and there is no real reason to live then you start seeing people make up there reason to live. Many examples of this are found on peoples’ bumper stickers, embroidered on the back of their leather jackets, and even tattooed on their bodies. But then what happens when you fall short of that reason to live, and hopefully one day this happens. I say that because that’s usually, as in my case, when the God that was never existent before comes into picture. He is there all of a sudden for you to blame, to question, and hopefully for you to embrace.

If you look at life from a different perspective then you realize that you are born to die, and what seems morbid to an unsaved world is true splendor, and you embrace the time that your life on earth ends. Anthony Evans says it best in His song “I Love You,” as the song comes to an end he finishes with the verse, “I can’t wait until that final day, when I see your face, I hope it won’t be long.” The day that we were made for, the day that we die is the day that we come face to face with our true Father, its the day that we get to hear the words, “my good and faithful servant,” and continue on into eternal life with Him. As hip-hop artist, The Ambassador, said it in, “What a Relief”, “some think that Death ends the drama, but I’ma remind ya Death is not a period, it’s just a comma.”

So what happens to those that have lived there life for all of the reasons except Christ? Well the bible says that they will be cast out and there will be weeping and gnashing of the teeth. Even those that know of Him and think He is God’s son, but do not come to know him personally as their Lord and savior, He has to send away(He is perfect and nothing imperfect can come into His heaven or in essence it would make Him imperfect). That’s why he sent His one of a kind, one and only son to die for our Sins and offer a perfect covering over us. Can you imagine the eternal torment and regret of knowing that it would have been so great and so easy to be in heaven? It would be, well, Hell not to be there and I’m sure there will be crying as well as gritting of teeth both because of anger to ones self and in disbelief that they couldn’t have been more wrong. This, I believe, is what the Bible is speaking of when it refers to weeping and gnashing of teeth.

If you are not sure of your reason for living or you think it is that of one of the previously mentioned bumper stickers, I would love to give you this opportunity to pray a simple prayer. It doesn’t have to be eloquent, it doesn’t have to even be out loud incase you are reading this in a public place. He sees your heart, just simply tell your Father in Heaven, that you thank Him for sending His Son to die for the forgiveness of your sins on the cross, and ask Him for forgiveness and invite Jesus into your heart.

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