Find Your One

Find Your One

Do you find yourself keeping your head down, plowing ahead through the day to get to the next task? I’m guilty of placing my agenda so high on a pedestal that I can’t even see the need surrounding me.

What’s passing us by? What are we missing?

What might happen if we slowed down to look in the eyes of the one – the one passing you in the store, the one passing you in the office – that one who might look fine on the outside, but inside they’re lost. 

Lost in confusion.

Lost in loneliness.

Lost in pain. 

Lost in unforgiveness.

Lost in just getting by.

Jesus talked about the shepherd who left ninety-nine of his sheep behind to go hunt for the one that was lost. As a business owner, that might seem crazy – to leave the ninety-nine percent that is safe, secure, comfortable – to go find the one percent that is in danger, trapped, and forgotten. How could that possibly bring a better return on investment over the 99%?

And yet Jesus – not the “Jesus” so many people think they know – but the Jesus who pushed against the status quo, challenged prejudices, and prioritized the lowest person in the room – left what seemed safe to seek out the endangered! He sees the value of the one. One life is never merely one life. It’s a link to dozens of other lives who might be impacted if we first saw the one.

What might happen if we found our one today?

Are you willing to leave behind the comfortable to find those lost in their own pain? Are you willing to lift your head from your clear agenda to see the one lost in their confusion? What if your goal became to find your one?

At Now Found Apparel, we equip people with tools to find their one. Creative designs spark curiosity and open doors of communication with those around you. Visit Now Found Apparel and check out tools that will help you live, wear, and share your story of God’s movement in your life. Go find your one!

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