Less "What"... More "Why"

Less "What"... More "Why"

Driving home today, my mind was caught up in the whirlwind of different, yet MAJOR, life decisions we are in the midst of facing. Should we do this, or do that? What are the pros and cons each way? If we did this, then what would happen? And so the whirlwind spun and spun.

Then one lyric from the kids’ worship music came through the speakers: “Whatever you do, do for the glory of God.” Whatever I do?? It seems so nonchalant…so belittling of these huge decisions looming before our family. That is, until the important part of that statement poked into my musings…the why!

Now, I’m not at all going to say that what we do doesn’t matter to God, because I believe it absolutely does. (10 Commandments, anyone?)  But, maybe, just maybe we spend too much time thinking about the options set before us rather than the motivation behind those options.

Does this seem appealing because I’m afraid of doing that?

Am I considering that because I want the glory for myself?

Or, is my heart in a place that says, “whichever thing we choose, whichever path we take, we are determined that our motivation will come from hearts that long to glorify God, not ourselves?” Are we prepared to say, “Our why is NOT our fear or self-glory.  Our why is God. Period.”

Life is full of these major decisions and many times it seems that the biggies come at us all at once! My prayer today for our family is that we would pay the most attention to God’s voice in all of this decision-facing…that we would give Him our fear and uncertainty and selfish ambition and make those life-changing decisions based on making Him the focus.

God can work with and re-direct the whats of our lives. But we establish our personal whys. What is your why today?

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