Roll It On Lord

Its a physical action, much like Jesus lifting the yoke from your shoulders. How many of us have tension built up in our shoulders, the physicality of that tension, must be physically rolled onto the Lord. Our thought that we have all the answers has to be rolled onto the Lord. He will not only help lift the load but he will lighten it making it more efficient and effective and less cluttered or clunky.

You may ask how to roll something so heavy, we struggle to carry it, from our shoulders onto something else. I just asked the same thing, and the Holy Spirit gave me a picture of myself, struggling with everything currently on my plate. Barely walking with such the load, giving up, dropping to a knee, then both knees, letting go of the yoke with one hand and then the second, forcefully planting them on the ground to help support me. All the while crying to God, that this load is His, that I trust that He is my God, my Savior and is trustworthy and strong enough to handle my burdens. I continued down to my elbows, then face in the ground, crying in repentance for not realizing everything all I had not trusted my Lord to help me with. I failed to let Him counsel me. I hadn't released my selfishness, arrogance and pride. Lifting my face from the ground looking forward, Jesus is directly in front of me, in almostan identical posture only He is helping lift and roll the load from my shoulders to his own.

What do you need to surrender to your LORD?

I am sorry Jesus, for not trusting you with everything, for being arrogant, prideful, angry, uncompassoniate and foolish. Thank you for taking this load off me, thank you for living up to your promises, please continue to help me live up to mine.


Your son Steve

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