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What to Do When God is Silent

Life with God has its own ebbs and flows, particularly in the way communication works. Certain seasons feel alive, rich, and full of hearing Him speak so personally while other seasons can feel dry, uncertain, and very, very quiet. 

Personally, last year from February through September (about 7 months) was an especially vivid time of communication with God. Daily, powerful words! It's now March, and since October (about 5 months), it's been quieter. Not totally silent, but much quieter. And this is a critical time when our family is seeking specific guidance on how to do some of the things God began to spark last year. We're seeking His strategy on how to move forward.

Why does God go silent? And what can we do during those times?

TESTING: One reason He may seem quiet at times is because it's a time of testing. Does the teacher continue teaching during a test? Some examples of this kind of testing in Scripture include the days after God told Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac (Genesis 22); when the Israelites waited at the base of Mount Sinai for Moses to return (Exodus 32); and when David felt abandoned by God (Psalm 22) as well as Jesus expressing that same feeling during His crucifixion (Matt 27:46). Will we take what He has taught us and apply it? 

OBEDIENCE: Another reason it may be quiet is that God may be waiting for us to obey the last direction He gave. What was the last thing He told you to do? Did you do it? If not, start there - retrace your steps back to that direction and choose to obey. If the moment of opportunity to obey has passed and it's impossible to act on His direction, confess to Him your disobedience, ask for His forgiveness, and ask for another opportunity to follow His lead and do His will.

DISTRACTION: It could also be that we're simply not tuned in. We're busy. We're distracted. We're filling our minds with other things that drown out the sound of His voice. He may, in fact, be speaking, but we're too distracted to notice.

AGENDA: Or, we could be asking a question He isn't ready to answer. We can get so hyper-focused on our own agenda that we can forget He may want to talk about something else. Instead of asking Him only about the one thing on your mind, try asking Him, "Lord, what do You want to talk with me about today?"

EXPECTATIONS: It could also seem that God is silent if He's not meeting our expectations regarding what it means to hear Him. If we think God only speaks audibly to our physical ears, we can miss the many other ways He speaks, such as through dreams and visions, an inner knowing/gut sense, His written Word, other people, circumstances, etc. 

So, what else can we do when God seems silent?

We can stay in God's written Word, the Bible. The Word of God is alive and active (Hebrews 4:12). 
We can revisit prophetic words we've received through others to uplift and encourage and remind us of God's good plan for us.
We can remember how God has provided and protected in the past and trust that He is good and always faithful.
We can keep worshipping Him in our posture, our music, our thoughts, our attitudes, our behaviors, and our words.
We can meet Him in prayer, still sharing our heart and crying out to Him as well as letting ourselves get silent too to better tune into His Voice.


Even in the silent times, we can trust that God has something to share with us. He has promised that if we continue to seek Him, we will find Him (Jeremiah 29:13) and that He will not leave us or forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:6). Keep pressing in! 


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