Find Your Space

Find Your Space

For more than three years, I had my usual writing spot, a nearby coffee shop that opened at 5am every day. Escaping the house allowed me to truly focus by avoiding any unexpected meetings with my early-rising child. So, once or twice a week during those years, I would leave the house early and settle into my dedicated time. Then, our family decided to move.

Our new home was in a less-developed area where options for establishments with early hours were scarce. And, to help curb our budget a bit, I decided to forgo my weekly coffee shop trips. Surely, I could get up at the same time and simply write in the living room! Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. I tried and tried to make it work. I would either write for thirty minutes and fall back asleep or my early-riser would find me and I would spend more time trying to redirect him back to bed or another activity than I would actually getting any writing done.

Finally, after nearly two years had passed, I realized enough was enough. I was losing a part of myself by not writing regularly and it simply had to become a priority once again. Thankfully, some new restaurants had recently opened up nearby, so I was able to finally return to my early Saturday mornings.

As you consider the where of writing, think about a space that would help you be creative and undistracted.

I prefer to write away from home because, as a homeschooling mom, I’m always there. Everywhere I look, tasks await my attention. Going to a coffee shop gives me a fresh environment more conducive to creative thought where I am able to set aside the to-do list for a few hours. I like finding a spot in a corner away from the heaviest flow of people. There’s enough activity to keep me awake during those early mornings, but not so much that I’m constantly distracted by people-watching.

When thinking about a space to go, it’s also good to consider whether noise, music, or silence are most helpful to you. Take headphones if you need some music to help you focus. It may take a little time to discover what works best for you, but once you find it, you’ll slip into your seat for every appointment with increasing readiness to get down to writing.

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