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We prioritize what matters by setting aside time. In a culture of busy, we must be diligent to establish a regular time to write. Especially if writing is not our full-time occupation, when we have jobs and children and relationships to cultivate, writing takes effort, not only to put words down, but to show up in the first place. Wanting to write is simply not enough. We must will to write. Let’s consider the when of writing.

So, what time should you choose to write? And how long should your appointment be? At writing conferences, I’ve heard other writers encourage people to write every day, even for ten minutes. If you can do that, that’s great! However, I haven’t found writing that briefly realistic for me, since I get in a mental zone and need larger blocks of time. For me, early morning Saturdays are my writing haven. I also use my kids’ nap-times and, for several years, was part of a group for writers which gave me three hours each week to dedicate to writing.

Take a look at your weekly schedule. Consider not only your available time, but also your available soul capacity. Kris Vallotton taught on caring for our soul, saying, “I run out of soul, oftentimes, long before I run out of time. But, I plan my time and I don’t plan my soul.”[i] When considering what time to block off for writing, we must be sure to select a time when the capacity of our soul (our mind, will, and emotions) will be full. As a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom, I find that, typically, after the kids are in bed at night, I’m done. My soul has been maxed out. I have poured myself out completely during the course of the day. My thinking is ready for a rest. Writing late at night is not an ideal choice for me.

What time of day is your mind sharpest? When might you have a natural time on your own already built into your schedule? What other activities can be shifted or released to create more space?

Be willing to try different times until you discover your best time for regular writing.

[i] Kris Vallotton’s Podcast, “How to Take Care of Your Soul” April 22, 2016, Time: 18:44 min

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