About | Now Found Apparel

We are Now Found™ and believe that you are Never Too Lost To Be Found.

Our mission is to create high quality, comfortable, and visually stimulating apparel for all. We create clothing that resonates at the spirit level and is attractive to all eyes, not just Christians.

Now Found is here to equip, encourage, and empower you to engage with your sphere of influence in genuine and compassionate conversations. 

We that hope every moment you spend in our apparel you are filled with empathy and compassion for those you encounter. Our apparables (apparel parables) are designed to tell a story and create opportunities for you to purposefully engage with those around you.

We invite and challenge you to live, wear, and share your story. Take chances, initiate conversations, worship freely, love your neighbor, and discuss your faith in organic and creative ways. 

Now Found Apparel™ is a founding member of the 1134 MVMT™.


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