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When God Says "Go" (Part 7 - God Speaks Through Peace)

If you're just now jumping in to our story, we've been in a time of transition and untethering, a time filled with questions, long conversations, and tons of prayer. Go to the beginning of our story here to catch up.


As we began filling out applications, setting up meetings, and continuing to clarify our foundational beliefs, Steve sensed a very clear "yes" from God to move forward in planting a church. I didn't hear a "no" so I was content to take the next incremental step, one at a time, trusting God to redirect us if we were going the wrong way.

One Sunday morning, I woke up and sensed God remind me of this simple truth: He speaks through peace.

Though I hadn't yet heard a "yes" in the same way Steve had, with each tiny step we took, my peace had been growing. 

Here's the beauty of hearing God - He has no end to the variety of ways He loves to communicate with His children. So often, we perk our ears for audible words, get discouraged when we don't hear, and miss the ways He's already communicating.

How does God speak to you? (Hint: while there may be one way you find that's most dominant, you're never limited to only that one way.)

God speaks through the Bible, His written Word. He speaks through creation. He speaks through other people. He speaks directly to our thoughts. He speaks to our ears. He speaks through dreams. He speaks through circumstances. He speaks through many, many ways.

And He speaks through peace - the kind that goes far beyond our finite human understanding. 

We can (and should) always take what we sense God is saying back to His written Word to confirm we heard correctly because God won't contradict His nature and Truth.

So, moving forward in this God-given peace, I told Steve I wanted to plan a trip and put our feet on the land in the places God has been highlighting for us. We want to pray in those places and meet those people. We want to keep hearing from Him for our next steps.

Have you experienced hearing from God? How does He often like to "speak" to you - an inner sense, a picture in your mind, a word you hear?

Will you take a few minutes today to slow down your thoughts and activities, be still, and ask Him what He wants to tell you?

I'd love to welcome you along for the journey as we've begun to explore what God has next for us. So, check back here for updates on When God Says "Go"!

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