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When God Says "Go" (Part 5 - Go Before You Know)

If you're just now jumping in to our story, we've been in a time of transition and untethering, a time filled with questions, long conversations, and tons of prayer. Go to the beginning of our story here to catch up.


It was a bit uncomfortable sitting down across the table from my best friend who had only recently moved closer to us and tell her that God might be getting ready to relocate our family. The idea of leaving brings such a mixture of emotions. Anticipation. Excitement. Sadness. Grief. Wonder. 

I will forever be thankful for my friend’s wise response. She was able to acknowledge the sadness she felt personally at the possibility of our moving and still beautifully describe the good work God is doing.

We are being untethered.

Which can sound scary and uncomfortable. But there is a season to plant and a season to uproot. Being rooted allows us to mature, fill up with nutrients, and reach the fullness of our capacity in one place. Being planted is good and necessary for growth.

And yet untethering has its own beauty because it brings freedom to move at God’s will. It brings questions that deepen our trust in Him to lead. 

When God told Abram to “Go” God didn’t provide any specific directions on where to go until Abram pulled up his tent stakes.

When I plan a trip - as other planners out there will understand - I like to know where I'm going before I leave. I want to know the most efficient way of arriving at my destination. Is there construction that will cause a delay? Is there a faster option? I like to survey the map and get the whole picture in my mind.

But in this walking with the Spirit, the destination isn't the goal. Walking with Him is. It's those unforeseen delays and interruptions that continue to mature us. It's that daily trust for Him to lead that deepens our relationship.

Efficiency isn't necessarily the ideal means of travel - Trust is.

Abraham had to go before he would know. So it is for us now. 

What kind of season are you in now? Is it a time for you to dig your roots down deeply where you're at? Or is it a time to be uprooted for another purpose? If you're in your own season of untethering, how can you trust God to lead you through unknown territory?

I'd love to welcome you along for the journey as we've begun to explore what God has next for us. Continue the journey with us. Read Part 6 of When God Says "Go".

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