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What Lies Beneath - Paperback

What Lies Beneath - Paperback

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Some say truth is relative…Some say truth doesn’t exist…

However, there is something that holds all things secure, stronger than any support structure we could manufacture, more reliable than any knowledge we could gain: TRUTH. That standard can only come from one place and it’s not us, our experiences, or anyone else’s opinion of who we are.

What Lies Beneath is designed to help us explore what lie or lies exist beneath beliefs, emotions, and experiences and how they can affect us. Join Steven Cohen, speaker, teacher, and author of Loved As You Are and However Long Forever (coming soon), on this transformational journey from LIES to LOVE as we find What Lies Beneath.

What leaders are saying about What Lies Beneath

“Overcoming lies is a life-long pursuit in our quest for more freedom in Christ. In What Lies Beneath, Steven Cohen dissects the biblical history and challenges set against believers and reveals essential truths so readers can walk in the power of the gospel. His insight and wisdom will open the door for truth seekers to begin the journey to being who God created them to be.”

Jill Monaco, Speaker, Author & Creator of Freedom Coaching

What Lies Beneath is not always a comfortable read, but it’s a vital one…In these pages, truth is spoken, lies are uncovered, biases are revealed, and internal contradictions are challenged. Through down-to-earth language, Steven reaches into the depths of profound revelation to help every reader experience the freedom that God always designed and desires for us. Equipping readers with practical tools immediately applicable to daily life, Steven acts like the leader of an excavating crew. Boldly and diligently sifting beneath the surface of what we think we believe, he exposes the source of our struggles and confusion, knowing that we need to clear out the debris in order to build on a solid foundation.”

Courtney Cohen, Speaker & Author of The Sacred Shadow and Refining Identity
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