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ABIDE Sleeveless Hoodie

ABIDE Sleeveless Hoodie

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To ABIDE is not just following someone's rules. It is coming alongside someone, spending time with them, enjoying each other.

When Now Found Apparel first started, I felt that God wanted me to delve into this topic of abiding, but I had no idea what it actually meant. When I asked Him what He wanted me to do with this word, He told me to do research and look it up. Three words summed up all of the definitions: sit, dwell, and remain. He complimented me, but also told me my assessment was incomplete. My reply? "Okay then," kind of snarky at this point, "What am I missing?" He told me, "ME. All the sitting, dwelling, and remaining means nothing without Me." Ouch. I forgot God. Have you?

This design from that conversation as a reminder of what this beautiful word means. Spend time with Him today, and everyday for that matter. Take rest in Him.

SIT - DWELL - REMAIN In His Presence.

Guns or not, this soft, sleeveless tee hoodie is comfortable at the gym, on a run, or on a couch. Its long rounded bottoms are perfect for those looking for a modest look and for our 2A fanatics. We like to say this cut is 2A Concealed, Leggings Ideal, and Plumber Sealed (we're trying to help people with their crack problem).

Get yours today and then go get in His presence. 

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