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ADONAI Vinyl Peel & Stick - Ice

ADONAI Vinyl Peel & Stick - Ice

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To believe in yourself is important. To understand that you have worth beyond your current beliefs is challenging. To go to the source of who you are is CRITICAL. And while it is important to believe in yourself, if you have no reference point as to who you are, what are you believing in? If you have no reference on what you are supposed to aspire to, what are you shooting for?

First things first. Adonai is the Hebrew word for Lord. Adonai references the God of Israel, our Savior (Messiah) Jesus (or Yeshua in Aramaic). As an homage to our Jewish brothers and sisters, and my heritage as a Ukrainian Jew, we created this design to help you find who and whose you are. 

To truly know who we are, we must first know who He, the God of the Universe, Adonai, is and who He created us to be. Jesus Himself taught us to desire God's will, not our own. And, when we submit to His Lordship, we get to walk in His protection, His covering, and His blessings. When we kick against the goads, unwilling to submit to our Lord, we can miss out on such wonderful experiences. The Adonai design is a daily reminder to submit and sit under headship.

This clean and sharp peel and stick Adonai sticker speaks to whose you are and to the heart of those who see it without turning them off to traditional Christian language. As part of our Blue Letter collection of accessories, its creative font design is sure to stir attention and curiosity.

Get ready to answer what "Adolla" means with a response about who your Savior and the Lord of the world is - Adonai.

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