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However Long Forever - Companion Guide

However Long Forever - Companion Guide

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From authors and speakers, Steven and Courtney Cohen.

This companion guide is for parents, counselors, and those who read However Long Forever, regardless of age. It is designed to create a fun environment, develop common language, validate feelings and perspectives of our foster children, help grasp the depth and connections in the illustrations, and to give insight and discussion points.

Join Omari, the orca, as we discover God’s love, healing, and hope – on the journey from place to place. With no promise of tomorrow, we want our kiddos to know we love them However Long Forever.

Foster care is one beautiful way to blend God’s children together in this wonderful thing called family. Even when we don’t know how long it will last, fostering can create an atmosphere of rest, reunification, restoration, and rejuvenation. In short, it is possibly the single opportunity some of God’s kiddos will have to experience His love for them. Foster parents play an active and crucial part in a foster child’s life. Although there are challenges, differences, vulnerabilities, and heartache, they are all worth it.

Omari the orca was first introduced in Loved As You Are playfully exploring the seas.

The name Omari means flourishing in Swahili. It is our hope and desire for all families to flourish, for children to springboard off their parents and to become who God dreamt of and created them to be at the beginning of forever.

However Long Forever is dedicated to every family who sacrificially loves without the promise of forever. It is for those who desire healing and reunification even at the expense of their own heartbreak. You are truly loved and cherished.

The However Long Forever - Companion Guide is also available on Amazon.
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