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I Am Baseball Cap- Waitlist

I Am Baseball Cap- Waitlist

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Don't let I AM become I wish I had! This new cap is coming soon and with all the interest and feedback we have received, it will sell out quick. Don't miss out on your chance to get it when it comes in. Sign up for our waitlist today.

I AM is so much more than who we are.

It's about who we are created to be. It's who the I AM dreamt of at the beginning of time. It's about pursuing an untainted, unstained version of ourselves that reflects who the I AM is.

I AM gives us insight into God's defining and eternal character. I AM, or YHWH in Hebrew, is the name God gave Moses in Exodus 3. In English, it means I am that I am. And when we ask "Who am I?" we can look to Him to answer that question.

I, Steve, created this arrow design to point to the I AM and to help point others to who they are. Courtney's first book, Refining Identity, is subtitled I am who I AM says I am. We want to share that vision with you. And we are praying for the Holy Spirit to lead you to find people to share this with. 

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